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an open-access archive of Canadian surgical history

This website is an open-access archive of historical media related to surgery in Canada. It is intended to be used as a research tool to locate historical information from hard-to-find sources, or on topics with little associated media. Articles published on this site, or in the associated T Space Archive, have been posted with permission of the copyright holders. Citations should refer to the journal, book, or website in which the articles were first published.


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You can search through historical resources including indexes, catalogues, encyclopedias, and artifact collections as well as archived medical journals, and media related to specific cultures. Below you will also find a link directly to the History of Surgery T Space Archive, which hosts unique media and documents, some which cannot easily be found elsewhere. Some resources may require a subscription.


the archive editor

Dr. Vivian Mcalister, M.B., CCFP(C), FRCSC, FRCS(I), FACS is a surgeon at University Hospital London. He is a professor in the Department of Surgery at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Medical service and has deployed to Afghanistan and Haiti. He is a general surgeon with special interest in hepatobiliary, endobiliary, transplant, and combat surgery. His research interests include fundamental and clinical research in these areas as well as the history of medicine.

This website and the associated T Space archive is a project on which he has worked since 2005.


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